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Gauges for Glass

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Gauges for Glass - Fixtures for Inspection of Automotive GlassFixtures for Inspection of Automotive Glass

Marposs can provide modular and reconfigurable fixtures for the measurement of curved glass panels.
The reconfigurability feature makes modular systems particularly recommended for prototyping and whenever high variability of production is required.
The glass can be measured, either on the surface or on the edge, by means of Digi Crown™ digital pencil probes or, alternatively, Red Crown™ analogue pencil probes and Gage Box™ modular data acquisition system. The output signals of the pencil probes are elaborated and displayed by industrial PC E9066T™, or by a commercial PC, with Quick SPC™ process and quality control software and Glass Add-On, a software specifically developed for the measurement of automotive glass, including a “best-fit” algorithm that can be applied to the measured data for providing real time.

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