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M4 Manual Ring

Friday, August 10th, 2007

M4 Manual Ring Electronic manual ring gauge with full-bridge (LVDT) transducer for checking outside diameters of shaft and pin type parts in the range 4 to 100 mm (.16 ”to 3.98 ”).

Particularly suitable to perform measurements close to a shoulder, it can be used both directly on the workpiece and as a simple fixture using the optional support.

It is composed of a ring body and standard interchangeable nosepiece; within its range of use each ring is completely retoolable by changing the nosepiece and the contacts.

Accurate, rugged and reliable, needs no maintenance and has practically no operating costs.

Thanks to its outstanding qualities, it can be used in the most difficult working conditions without any effect on its technical characteristics.

The measurement value can be displayed on the TESTAR E18, E4, E4N and, through the Gage Box‚Ñ¢ data acquisition system, on the E9066s‚Ñ¢ Industrial PC.

Follow the link to get more information: M4 Manual Ring