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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Your Name & Logo = Your Product

OEM Products available for private labelling purposesThis OEM section presents the TESTAR products that are available for private labelling purposes.

This applies to companies that want to market products having their own name and logo.

TESTAR offers an unparalleled range of products inclusive of “Pencil Probe” type transducers, a complete line of mechanical measuring devices that can be utilized to design high quality gauging systems and modular components that are easily assembled to solve most requirements.

A CD ROM library of .dxf CAD files is also available for reducing design time.

Electronic units such as the micro-column, column display and the industrial computer are also available to complete the gauging solution.

For the more demanding gauging applications, Windows based software, satisfying the most stringent criteria, can be used with our industrial computer, or with a commercial computer utilizing the gauge interface box.

Are you ready to know more? Follow the link: OEM Products available for private labelling purposes