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The Red Crown™ pencil probes line

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Line of pencil probes with LVDT and HBT high precision position transducers

Line of pencil probes with LVDT and HBT high precision position transducersThe Red Crown pencil probes line developed by TESTAR, a MARPOSS division, to fulfil quality control requirements in the workshop is available in four variants:

Basic line:

A family of 52 standard models covering a measuring range from ± 0,5 mm to ± 5 mm. The pencil probes are supplied with full-bridge (LVDT) or half-bridge (HBT) transducer already calibrated for connection to any TESTAR electronic display units such as E18, E4, E4N, Quick Read™ Microcolumn and, through the data acquisition systems Easy Box and Gage Box™ to E9066s™ Industrial PC.

Compatible line:

A comprehensive list of probes covering the TESTAR standard measuring ranges with appropriate electrical connector and calibrated to comply with your existing electronic display unit.

Unplugged line:

The 52 standard models of the basic line can also be provided without connector. Based on established electrical characteristics supplied with each probe the user can add the necessary connector and perform the appropriate calibration to the electronics in use.

Soft touch line:

Pencil probes especially designed with very low measuring force to directly gauge delicate parts such as glass, TV tubes, car windshields and plastic material. They can therefore satisfy specific measurement requirements where the tip force must consistently be kept at a very minimum value (it is 0,3 N with spring push models and 0,06 N with models without spring).

These probes can be supplied in basic or compatible configuration.

Reliability and durability are assured in all models through innovative design and the use of the most suitable materials, developed thanks to TESTAR’s extensive experience in the quality control sector. Red Crown pencil probes assure precision measurements, even below one micron, and contribute to the quality of measurement data.